How Tipsticks works?

Get Tipsticked!


Each TipStick category includes 20 pre-printed tips, rewards or dares.

The TipStick category you choose, will depend on how you use them.

Step 1 – Choose the TipStick category of choice

Step 2 – Pick a stick from your selected TipStick category

Step 3 – This is your Tip, Reward or Dare to action

It’s that simple to start Creating a Lifetime of Memories!

About the TipSticks Categories

Screen Time Rewards:
In exchange for a household chore, your child will receive screen time. Each stick has a chore and a reward (i.e. Clean Your Room – 30mins, Help Make Dinner – 30mins, Feed the Animals – 15mins).

Chore Rewards:
Each stick has a chore and a blank $ amount you can fill out based on the value you see for that chore (e.g. Clean Your Room $__, Help Make Dinner $__, Feed the Animals $__).

Daddy/Son, Daddy/Daughter, Mummy/Son and Mummy/Daughter:
Each stick has a fun activity you can enjoy with your child (e.g. Build a fort, bike ride, camping, do each other’s make-up).

Date Night 18+/30+:
Each stick has a romantic activity to help keep that spark in your relationship (e.g. Romantic walk beach, re-enact your first date, see a Play/Show).

Hens Night Dares:
Each stick has a cheeky dare for the hen to do on her hen’s night (e.g. Take a photo with a policeman, Pinch a waiter’s bum, Sing “like a virgin” loudly).

Each Tip, Reward or Dare will create a memory and tell a story. We’d love to see or hear about one of yours.

Share your memory with us, your loved ones and the world:

Take a photo doing your selected tip, reward or dare. Add a hashtag from the selection below and share on your favourite social media platform.

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